Uni student, Avneet, talks about what happened to her super

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Uni student Avneet talks about what happened to her super
Hi, I’m Avneet and I’m currently studying Business at uni.
I wish I had known a little bit more about superannuation when I was younger and before I got my first job.
I walked into four casual jobs, not really knowing much about super and each time my boss set me up a new account. So, in about three years I ended up with four super accounts and four sets of fees.
So what really went wrong?
First of all, I should have set up an account before I actually got my first job. Student Super lets you set up an account, on a zero balance and there’s no fees on that.
Second of all, I should’ve taken my details in with me on my first day at work. Student Super has a feature called ‘My first day’, which sends you a pre-filled nomination form to your email and you can just send that to your employer or print it off and hand it to them. That makes it really easy for students to get their super organised on their first day at work.
So my top two tips for you guys, are:
  1. To get an account before you get your first job.
  2. Take your details in with you on your first day at work and that’s it.
I hope it really helps you guys get your super organised!
Please note that the diclaimer in the video is out of date. Student Super changed trustee from Tidswell to Diversa on December 18, 2020. Please see the Significant Event Notice for more information. You can download the Target Market Determination here.
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