There’s over $17.5 billion of lost super

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Get your lost super back - you’ve earned it

Over a third of all Australians have more than one superannuation account. And multiple funds mean duplicate fees.
But it’s not easy to keep track of them. That’s why there’s over $17.5 billion (yes, billion) out there in lost super.
At Student Super, we’re going to help you get yours back.
We can find and combine your lost and old super accounts for free when you join.

It's Your Money

Superannuation is your money. You’ve (probably) worked hard for every dollar of it.
You’d kick yourself if you left money behind at the ATM, right? Walking away from lost and old super is the same.
But it doesn’t have to be.
When you join Student Super, you can use our Super Search Party tool.
You will see all of your old and lost super accounts. If you choose, you can combine them into your new Student Super account. It’s that easy.
Lost and unclaimed super by location*
We can find and combine your lost and old super accounts for free when you join.

We’re here to give you a head start

Student Super was created to help students get their super organised and protect their early balances from high fees.
Whether it’s money you’ve earned from a summer job or casual work, the money in your super account — wherever it is — is yours. But your balance can get slowly chipped away by fees.
We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
To get started, all you need to do is sign up with Student Super and ask your employer to pay into your Student Super account. Even better, we can help you find your old super funds and any lost super (part of that $17.5 billion out there), so you can bring them all together.
We can find and combine your lost and old super accounts for free when you join.

At Student Super, we’ve got you covered

Student Super is designed specifically for students who work casually or part-time.
  • Zero fees for balances under $1,000 – Zero. None.
  • Discounted fees – for super balances under $5,000.
  • No life insurance or disability cover – (which helps protect your balance from being eroded by fees).
  • Fully-featured app – Our app makes it easy to keep your super organised. Change your details, balance and your super payments.
  • Keep your account when you graduate – Student Super changes name to Professional Super, you'll still have the same fund but with additional benefits that are tailored to professionals.

Don't just take it from us...
Here's what our members are saying

Customer service was amazing! I needed some help getting set up and rolling my funds in - the girl I spoke to was super friendly and very helpful, explained the process and made it so easy.
Vitoria P
Macquarie University
I finally got my superannuation sorted out, so glad I found Student Super! I've had a number of different jobs all linked to different super funds, these guys made it so easy to transfer all funds into the one Student Super account.
Harrison G
Macquarie University
I was looking for a superfund that didn't eat up my balance in fees. Student Super was the answer! The sign up process was a cinch, and they have an app that's super easy to use as well. Highly recommend!
Helen N
University of Sydney

So join us, and get your share of the $17.5 billion of lost super

You’ve earned it. It’s yours. Sign up with Student Super and we'll find & combine any of your lost funds for free!
We can find and combine your lost and old super accounts for free when you join.