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Zero fees for balances under $1,000

Student Super - built for Students

Being a student, an exciting future is ahead of you. How you manage your money now can make a big difference to how much fun your life can be in the years to come.
Superannuation is extra money that your employer pays you* — and it's 100% your money.
Every working Australian needs a super fund. In fact, your boss will ask you if you have one on your first day.
At Student Super, we've got you covered.
*If you're over 18 and earn over $450 per month your employer is required by law to pay you super.

Helping you get a head start

Until we came along, you and other young people watched their hard earned summer holiday super be eroded by fees.

You're lucky though. Because Student Super is different:

  • It's designed for young people who work casually or part-time while studying
  • ZERO fees for balances under $1,000
  • Fee discounts for balances under $5,000
  • No Death or TPD (disability cover) (which helps protect your balance from being eroded by fees)

Your super is totally yours to control

You can choose your own bank to get paid from work, so why wouldn't you choose your own super fund? It's your money after all. With Student Super, you can simply nominate us as your super fund so your employer can pay into it.
And even better, if you've got money in other super funds from previous jobs, you can roll them into your Student Super account and take advantage of our fee discounts*. #winning
Whether you're flipping burgers or flipping jet-skis in your part-time job, Student Super can help you save more of your money for you, with our zero fees for balances under $1,000.
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*It's free to open an account with Student Super, and the account is fee free for anyone with a balance under $1,000. It's important to consider the impact of any loss of insurance cover, or other benefits before closing any super fund accounts you may have.

We've even got a fully-featured app to help you keep track of your money

Getting statements via snail mail is the old way.
News flash... You don't need to be stuck in the old times.
That's why we've created a fantastic app that puts your super at your fingertips 24x7, so you can watch your money grow.

With our app, you can:

  • Let your employer know where to pay your super
  • Change how your super is invested
  • Use the 'Find or combine my super' feature to find other super accounts and lost super money.
  • Update your details

Your 'Big Time' super is sorted with us too

When you graduate (and score that amazing job), your Student Super account can come with you too. Student Super changes name to Professional Super, you'll still have the same fund but with additional benefits that are tailored to professionals.
So when you've finally 'made it', we'll be there to help you make the most of your success.
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Don't just take it from us...
Here's what our members are saying

Customer service was amazing! I needed some help getting set up and rolling my funds in - the girl I spoke to was super friendly and very helpful, explained the process and made it so easy.
Vitoria P
Macquarie University
I finally got my superannuation sorted out, so glad I found Student Super! I've had a number of different jobs all linked to different super funds, these guys made it so easy to transfer all funds into the one Student Super account.
Harrison G
Macquarie University
I was looking for a superfund that didn't eat up my balance in fees. Student Super was the answer! The sign up process was a cinch, and they have an app that's super easy to use as well. Highly recommend!
Helen N
University of Sydney

Open an account today... it's 100% FREE for all balances under $1,000

FREE to open an account and it's FREE for balances under $1,000*. We can even help you roll any other super funds you've got lying around into your new Student Super account*.
To get started hit the button below, simply fill in your details and you'll be all done in minutes.
*Student Super is free for balances under $1,000 and is discounted for balances under $5,000. Members with a balance between $1,000 and $4,999 receive a 50% discount on the flat dollar administration fee. Our standard fees for balances over $5,000 are $78 and 0.99% of the account balance, p.a. Other fees and costs can apply. It's important to consider the impact of any loss of insurance cover or other benefits before closing any super fund accounts you may have.