About Us

Student Super is the first superannuation fund built for the specific needs of Australia’s students and young professionals.

Our mission

To make it easy for young people to get their super organised.

The lost decade of super

The first decade of super is for many young Australians, a failure.
Young people often work multiple jobs, have multiple super accounts charging duplicate fees, duplicate life insurance premiums and many have lost super.
Although the first decade of super has the smallest contributions, it will compound for the longest period of time.
We call this the ‘Lost Decade of Super’ and it is our mission to change it.

The birth of Student Super

After spending 28 years working with students, Andrew Maloney was frustrated with students’ experience with super.
“It felt like every time I’d speak to a young person about super, they’d talk about multiple accounts, lost super or their account being eroded by fees. There just had to be a better solution”.
That solution is Student Super.
Andrew has built a series of useful services for Australian university students (e.g. StudentVIP, Lost on Campus, High School Tutors, Flatmates), hiring over 200 students each year.

We’re the super fund that cares

It's entirely normal not to care about super when you are young. But one day, you will care.
On that day, we hope you look back and think, "Hey, I'm really glad I joined Student Super all those years ago".