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Zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.
See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.

What is super?

Almost every Australian with a job has a super fund.
Your boss will ask you for your fund details on your first day.
Student Super is built specifically to help young people keep their super organised.

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Get a head start with student-friendly fees

We believe in transparent fees.

You can see a breakdown of our fees on one page – our fees and discounts page.
Many students working part-time or casual jobs earn small amounts of super, only to have it eroded by fees.
Student Super is designed to protect early super balances with:
Zero fees for zero balances
— so you can get set up before you start work
Zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.
— to protect your balance while you’re starting out
See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.
Plus, our loyalty discount program
Once your balance reaches $1,000, you are automatically included in our loyalty discount program. See our Loyalty discount program page for details.

We’re rewarding loyal members

Our loyalty discount program rewards members who stay with the fund, including after you graduate.
You're automatically enrolled in the program when your balance reaches $1,000.
If you receive a contribution every 12 months into your super account, you will be eligible for the fee rebate.
There are seven membership levels with percentage-based admin fee discounts increasing over time.
Loyalty Discount Program
Bronze Plus
Silver Plus
Gold Plus

Our members love their super being organised – here's what they're saying

I find Student Super to be an easy way of organising my superannuation as it is not drowning in technical jargon that only finance nerds would understand. I appreciate it for its simplicity. I also like the employer form saving me the hassle of filling out ATO forms as well as knowing that I can stick to this fund once I graduate.
Naosheyrvaan N
Member since 2018
Student Super has been extremely helpful in organising my superannuation. The website has a great layout, it is informative and easy to understand, the fees are minimal and my previous super was able to be merged into my Student Super account. The entire experience has been hassle free! Student Super has made superannuation seem less daunting, they provide plenty of information to stay informed and to keep on top of your money! I feel valued as a member for Student Super.
Madilyn M
Member since 2019

What happens when you graduate?

When you graduate, you keep your Student Super member number, login and fee discounts.
We’re the super fund that stays with you throughout your life.
Student Super Professional Super is one super fund, with two websites.
Being a member means you will have access to This site is more useful if you have graduated or are working full-time.

Join other Australian students that are saving with zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.

See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.