8 Apps to Take Your Study to the Next Level

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Once upon a time, studying for exams was all about hours spent in the library. Students would silently cram alongside other students, you weren’t allowed to eat snacks, and unless you were lucky enough to have a 24-hour library near you, you could only access your study area at certain hours of the day.
Today, with digital technology continuing to evolve, the days of the library are no longer. Nowadays, all you need to study is your laptop or mobile, and some of these fantastic apps.

1. Evernote

For students learning a bunch of things every day, notes are everything. How else will you study last minute for those exams?
Evernote brings your notes together and combines them with checklists, links, attachments, audio recordings and more. Evernote Plus lets you sync unlimited devices for a small fee each year, but even the free version will let you link your notes across two devices, search for text inside images, clip web pages etc.
Price: free (offers in-app purchases)
Use on: all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch)

2. IStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

IStudiez Pro Legend lets you track your schedules, assignments and grades so you never miss anything important again. Simply input the dates as you go and the app will take care of the rest. It will even sync with your other calendar apps, like Google Calendar.
Price: $14.99. Also available in a ‘Lite’ free version (with limited features)
Use on: all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch)

3. XMind: Zen - Mind Mapping

XMind is a leader in mind mapping and brainstorming software. It helps you to capture ideas, clarify thinking, and manage complex information using different organisational charts. If you’re looking to really focus your thoughts and energy on your studies, or you want to save time and raise the efficiency of your study, you need this app.
Price: free (in-app purchases available)
Use on: computer, tablet

4. Simplemind Pro

Similar to XMind, SimpleMind offers unique layouts to brainstorm and create memory-boosting mind maps. Giving you the option to add media, you can add audio, video, images and more to your interactive maps. More than 8 million people use SimpleMind to analyse and structure their thoughts to give deeper meaning to their study, writing, planning, presentations and teaching.
Price: free (in-app purchases available)
Use on: computer, tablet, smartphone

5. Wunderlist

Not all your life is about study, so keep track of everything in one handy location. Share a shopping list. Manage a work project. Plan your next holiday. Prepare for everything and no matter how many balls you are juggling, you can keep track of them with Wunderlist. It’s your personal and professional way to tick off your to-dos.
Price: free
Use on: all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch)

6. Recharge

Studying for exams can see you staying up late and waking early. Even if you’re not actually studying, you’re spending all night thinking about exams and assessments, which is just as disruptive.
Recharge helps you to keep track of your sleep schedule and will give you activities to do in the morning to get your blood pumping. It allows you to track your mood, and it won’t let you turn off your alarm without getting up and doing your activity. Star jumps anyone?
Price: free
Use on: smartphone devices

7. TED

Sometimes you just need a pep talk to get you in the mood, and TED Talks are about as good as they get. Even if you’re not planning a sit down study sesh, TED Talks are great for on the bus, when driving to visit your friends, or for killing time between lectures. Be warned though, it is easy to get caught in a TED Talk spiral, so limit yourself to one at a time.
Price: $2.99
Use on: computer, smartphone

8. Atmosphere

There is a known link between the sounds we hear and the success of our study. Everyone thrives on something different, so play around with your background noise. Atmosphere allows you to choose sounds you like for any activity. Opt for meditation and stress relief sounds for sleep, or choose binaural beats and isochronic tones to stimulate your mind and improve creativity when studying. It’s up to you.
Price: free (in-app purchases available)
Use on: smartphones

Ramp up your study today

Praise the tech Gods—there’s an app for everything. Need a reliable study partner? There’s an app for that. Feeling demotivated? Get your morale boost at the app store. Study is now easier than ever because every student can carry a personal assistant in their pocket. Make the most of the available technology and start downloading today.
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