Give your kids & grandkids a financial head start for life

Golden Goose Gifting

It’s an easy way to regularly gift small amounts to a child’s superannuation account.

Mike talks about his grandkids and Golden Goose Gifting

What are the benefits of Golden Goose Gifting?

There are four key benefits that make Golden Goose Gifting an attractive way to help:
  1. The money is secure in a super account – the child won't be tempted to prematurely access the funds.
  2. The money is professionally managed.
  3. Super is a concessionally taxed investment method.
  4. Golden Goose Gifting harnesses the power of long-term compound interest to have a potentially life-changing impact.

Our CEO Andrew, talks about the origins of Golden Goose Gifting

How much does it cost?

One of the great advantages of gifting to a child’s super fund is the cost-effectiveness.
There is no fee to gift to the child’s super account. The only fees that apply are the normal fees for the super fund account;
  • We discount most fees for members with balances under $1,000 (see our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details). Standard fees apply after this.
  • Once your balance reaches $1,000, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our loyalty discount program. You can see a breakdown of fees on one page - our fees and discounts page

Compared to...

Compared to other intergenerational wealth transfer methods, such as setting up a family trust (which has annual tax returns and annual accountants fees), using super is a very low-cost alternative.
For more information about our fees, click here.

How to get started

Setting up an account is easy.
  1. Open an account for the child, and add yourself as a gifter to their account. Start here
  2. Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) for the child and add it to their account (even babies can get a TFN).
  3. Transfer to their new account via BPAY, or recurring BPAYs – we’ll send you all the details. You can set up recurring transfers, and can stop and start at any time.

Gifting to super vs a bank account

Opening a child’s superannuation account has many benefits that a normal savings account doesn’t:
  • A bank account in the child’s name may require the child to do a tax return each year depending on the amount of interest earned (ATO child tax under 18’s).
  • A bank account in your name but for the child, could mean any interest is taxed at your marginal rate.
  • Traditionally returns earned from bank accounts are less volatile than super funds, which are professionally invested in a range of asset classes. However, bank accounts could also provide a lower return.
  • A super fund in the child’s name does not require the child to do a tax return. Also, the investment return in the super account is taxed concessionally, compared to earnings outside super.
  • With a super account, the child won’t be tempted to prematurely access the funds. This maximises the time your gift is compounding, allowing your gift to grow into a potentially life-changing amount.

Who is Student Super?

Student Super is an APRA regulated super fund that specialises in superannuation for young Australians.
Typically our members are high school and university students. The fund has been built around their specific needs.

When they graduate

The brand changes name to “Professional Super”. The fund stays the same, but the Professional Super website has educational resources that are designed for young adults in the work place - like using super to save tax effectively for a first home!

An additional advantage of Golden Goose Gifting

As the child becomes a teen and starts their first job, they will already be set up with a super fund that can help them learn about super and get organised for their first job.

Student Super accounts are professionally managed

All Student Super accounts are professionally managed.
The super fund is regulated by APRA and under the stewardship of an independent trustee (Diversa).

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