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This all-in-one pack is designed to answer all the very basic questions that most young people (and plenty of older people) ask when starting work.
Topics like:
  • What is a TFN?
  • Why does my boss ask for a TFN?
  • How does tax work?
  • What is a “tax free threshold”? When do I claim it?
  • What forms will my boss ask me to complete on my first day?
  • Am I eligible for super?
  • How much is super?
  • Where does my super go?
  • How do I check my payslip?
  • How do I write a resume when I don’t have much experience?

Student Super can help you get a head start

As a student you have an exciting future ahead of you. Getting your super organised from day 1 can have a significant impact on your financial future.
Superannuation is extra money that your employer pays you* — and it's 100% your money.
Almost every working Australian needs a super fund. In fact, your boss will ask you if you have one on your first day.
* If you are over 18 and earn over $450 per month your employer is required by law to pay you super.

At Student Super, we’ve made it easy for young people to get their super organised.

  • Pre-filled form that you can give your employer on your first day.
  • We will notify you each time you’re paid super and when we notice you haven’t been paid. That way you can follow up with your boss.
  • Zero fees for balances under $1,000. This means you can open a super account well before you get your first job.
  • No Death or TPD (disability cover) which helps you protect your balance from being eroded by fees.

"I don't actually have a job yet, but I joined so I could be prepared for my first day and make a good impression with my new boss."

— Harry, 17, Year 12
Student Super member since Sept 2018

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