High school students

Superannuation for high school students
Zero fees for balances under $1,000

What is super­annuation?

Super is extra money, paid by your employer on top of your wages.
Your boss will ask you for your super fund details on your first day.
Every Australian with a job has a super fund.
Super is your money!
Storm explains Superannuation

Your boss has to pay you super if

You’re under 18:

  • Earn over $450 in a month, and
  • Work over thirty hours in a week

You’re over 18:

  • Earn over $450 in a month
  • (You don’t have to work over thirty hours in a week.)

Are you job ready?

Get ready for your first day on the job!
On your first day, your new boss will ask you for 3 things:
  1. 1Your bank account details – to pay your wages,
  2. 2Your Tax File Number – to pay your tax and
  3. 3Your superannuation fund details – to pay your super.
A lot of people forget their superannuation fund details.
Make a great first impression on your first day. Don’t forget your super fund details!
Use our pre-filled super nomination form on your first day to save you from extra paperwork.

It's easy to keep your super organised

You can find and combine all your super using our Super Search Party feature. It can help you:
  • Keep track of your money with our app
  • Send your super details to your employer
  • Find and combine any old super accounts

I was looking for a superfund that didn't eat up my balance in fees. Student Super was the answer! The sign up process was a cinch, and they have an app that's super easy to use as well. Highly recommend!
Helen N
University of Sydney
I finally got my superannuation sorted out, so glad I found Student Super! I've had a number of different jobs all linked to different super funds, these guys made it so easy to transfer all funds into the one Student Super account.
Harrison G
Macquarie University

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