Ever wondered what it’s like to work at an election?

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Did you know the Australian and state electoral commissions hire thousands of employees to help deliver the election?
The majority of the positions are for work on election day, but there’s also a range of temporary roles that are available during the election period, such as in early voting centres, mobile polling and administrative work after election day.
Working at an election is a great opportunity to earn extra cash, get unique work experience and contribute to your community.
In some instances, the upside of applying to work at the electoral commissions means you only need to apply once and then you’ll remain on the register to be contacted for future work.
Check out the list below for electoral commission positions near you:
The AEC hire 100,000 Australians nationally to help with the federal election! It takes around 10 minutes to complete a registration of interest (ROI) to work. Start here and check out their list of application tips as well.
The NSW Electoral Commission have opportunities to work at the state and local government elections. Staff receive training, support and a competitive pay rate. Submit your expression of interest (EOI).
The ECQ employ temporary staff as young as 16 (as long as you’re provisionally enrolled on the electoral roll), to encourage people without no prior experience working at an election! You’ll need a QGov account before registering your expression of interest (EOI).
The VEC offer two types of roles which include election casuals and election officials. This gives you plenty of flexibility if you would just like to earn some extra cash or work longer during the election period. Register to work at the elections.
There are plenty of roles during the elections in WA. They generally release positions when the election dates are decided and closer to the election, so keep your eye out on their website.
The ECSA employ over 7,000 temporary staff when they are running the state and council elections. Find out the dates and when roles are released on their website.
Elections ACT are always looking for casual workers to work at the Commission, so you can register at any time. Start here.
The TEC keep a register of casual staff for work at each election. You can download the form for the Casual Employment Register here and email the employment at the TEC.
The NTEC have a range of temporary employment opportunities which aren’t just limited to elections. Once you register, other opportunities can include working at the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, local government elections, citizenship ceremonies and community engagement events. Submit your expression of interest form.

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