How to prepare for an Assessment Centre?

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How to prepare for an Assessment Centre?
We asked four successful grads how to survive an assessment centre - here’s what they said.
  • Brendan - Paralegal at Freehills, Former congressional intern at the US Senate
  • Maddy - Former Trainee at PwC, Westpac Graduate
  • Lulu - Analyst at Quantium
  • Simon - Analyst at Deloitte
LULU: It can be quite stressful in assessment centres. There’s usually a lot of people watching you, assessing you. But just try to relax and have a bit of fun as well.
SIMON: The best thing you can do is turn up maybe, like, half an hour early and just mingle with the other people there. Because the more comfortable you feel in that environment, the better.
LULU: So if you’re working with other people as well, you can all try to, kind of, calm each other down.
BRENDAN: I think practise doesn’t make perfect, but it gets you pretty close. Make sure you practise. If you have a friend or a family member and you want to practise some interview questions, feel free to do it around them. They can obviously give you good solutions and good feedback.
LULU: Make sure you take a couple of deep breaths before you go to present. So, there’s no need to rush through; they often allow quite a lot of time for the presentations to make sure everyone’s all ready and, yeah, you’re feeling comfortable.
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