How to find and combine your lost and old super funds

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How to find and combine your lost and old super funds
Hi I’m Storm.
Welcome to our educational video series “Super with Storm”.
If you’re like me and you’ve had quite a few casual jobs, you might have ended up with more than one super fund.
This could mean you are paying duplicate fees, which costs you money but don’t worry It’s easy to fix this.
Combining your multiple super accounts into one account can help you save on fees and keep your super organised, all in one place.
So, how do you even find out if you have any lost or old super and how do you combine them?
Student Super’s “Super Search Party” makes this really easy.
  • First log into your account.
  • Then use the menu to go to the page called “Super Search Party”.
  • We’ll then send you a security code via SMS. Once you enter the code, you will see all your funds including any lost and old super. From here you can select which accounts you want to combine.
You can also choose whether you want to transfer the entire amount or transfer only part of the balance. Don’t forget that if you choose to transfer only part of it, you will still have multiple funds, which means you might still have multiple sets of fees.
The last step is to read and agree to the terms and conditions and hit submit.
Just remember to consider exist fees, changes to your insurance or loss of any other benefits before you transfer your super across.
And you’re done, it’s that easy!
Want zero fees for super balances under $1,000?