Storm's 3 Favourite Things About Student Super

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Storm's 3 Favourite Things About Student Super
If you've just joined Student Super, welcome. I'm a new member, too. Or if you're thinking of joining Student Super, here are the three things I like about it.
Number one is the dashboard. When you log in, it's the first thing you see. It's simple and it's really clear. The main things I want to know are my member number, my balance, and the things I can do to get organised.
So right at the top of the dashboard is my member number. Just below it is my balance, and then there is a list of the next three things I can do to get my super organised.
So the second thing I like about Student Super is the ‘My First Day’ feature. Usually the first day of a new job is where super goes wrong. The My First Day feature is here to help with that.
Essentially, you just press a button and you get a pre-filled form sent to your email that you can then forward to your employer. This pre-filled form has all your super details so that you don't need to try and find them yourself. All you need to do is have your bank account and your TFN and everything else is done for you by Student Super.
The third thing I like about Student Super is the Super Search Party*. This feature helps you find your lost, active and inactive funds. It instantly shows you what you've got so that you can decide if you want to bring them together under your Student Super account.
You can do it really easily and you don't even have to tell your old funds.
So that's it, my top three favourite things about Student Super. The dashboard, the ‘Tell Your Employer’ feature and the ‘Super Search Party’*.
* From 20/9/2021, the Super Search Party was replaced with the ‘Find or combine your super’ feature in the menu.
* It’s important to consider the impact of any loss of insurance cover or other benefits before closing any super fund accounts you may have.
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