Tell your employer about your super fund

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Tell your employer about your super fund
Hi, everybody, and welcome back to our video series, “Super with Storm”.
This video is all about how to tell your employer what super fund you have.
When you change super funds or start a new job, it is important for you to tell your employer what super fund you’re with, so that they know where to pay your super into.
There’s a standard form to tell your employer, called a superannuation standard choice form.
On this form, you will have to fill out your details, like your name, your tax file number, and your Student Super member number. But you will also have to fill out the fund’s details, such as the ABN and USI numbers.
One trick question on the super choice form is the first question. And this is actually the most important. The first question is where you nominate what kind of super fund you’re with. If you have a Student Super account, you’ll just tick the first box, that says you have an APRA-regulated fund.
This might all seem a little complicated, but I’ve got some good news. At Student Super, we’ve done all the hard work for you, and created a pre-filled version of the form.
So where do you actually find your pre-filled super choice form? It’s easy!
First, log into your Student Super account and go the ‘Tell Your Employer’ page. Then, hit the ‘send’ button and a pre-filled super choice form will be emailed to you. You can then forward this email to your boss, or print off a copy and hand it in.
We’ve even gone one step further. When you receive our Welcome Pack in the mail, you’ll get three copies of your pre-filled super choice form already printed out.
Now, all you have to do is hand this form in to your employer and they can start paying your super into your new Student Super account.
And that’s it! You’re all organised!
Please note that the diclaimer in the video is out of date. Student Super changed trustee from Tidswell to Diversa on December 18, 2020. Please see the Significant Event Notice for more information. You can download the Target Market Determination here.
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