What happens when you graduate?

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What happens when you graduate?
Hi, I’m Storm. Welcome back to another instalment of our video series, “Super with Storm”.
This is actually our last in the series, and we’ll be looking at what happens to your Student Super account when you graduate.
You won’t be a student forever, so what happens to your account when you start working full-time?
The things you found useful about the Student Super website as a student may no longer be relevant once you graduate. That’s why Student Super changes and becomes Professional Super.
While the Student Super website has educational benefits tailored to students, the Professional Super website has information tailored to professionals - and you can choose to use either.
Once you’ve started full-time work, you’ll probably find that the information on the Professional Super website is more relevant. For example, it has important information on saving up for a first home.
The key thing to know is there’s only one fund. The fund itself and the fee discounts remain the same, your member number and login details remain the same, and the investment options remain the same.
In summary, it’s one fund with two websites. So, in a way, your account graduates with you.
Please note that the diclaimer in the video is out of date. Student Super changed trustee from Tidswell to Diversa on December 18, 2020. Please see the Significant Event Notice for more information.
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