Why your kids need help with their super

Get their super organised from the start

Young people are typically disengaged with super.
It is really common for them to only realise that their super is disorganised when they reach their late twenties.
They then regret that they didn’t get their super organised from the start, when they were 16, 17 or 18, or earlier.
Instead they have a "lost decade of super".
It’s the result of:
  • Duplicate accounts from multiple jobs
  • Lost and inactive super accounts
This first decade will be the decade where the contributions compound for the longest period of time.

It’s not the decade to waste.

Protect small super balances from high fees

Protecting early super balances

Many young people get their first job over the summer holidays. Most will just leave it up to their boss to choose a super fund for them.
At the end of the holidays they might have a few hundred dollars in their super account.
The next summer the situation repeats – the student gets a new job, opens another super account.
Each summer a new account is opened, a small balance is deposited.
By the time they start university they could have multiple super accounts charging duplicate fees.
And it’s a common problem for young Australians.

Our solution is a discount for most fees for members with balances under $1000*.

See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.
This means your child can build up a super balance, without fees eroding their early balances.
And once your child’s balance reaches $1,000, they’ll automatically be enrolled in our loyalty discount program.
This reduces the percentage-based admin fee by increasing amounts each year, over seven years.
You can see a breakdown of our fees on one page - our fees and fee discount page

Parents are key to their kid’s financial future

It’s tough being parents. You do your best to set your kids up to have the best start in life.
You’ve been there for your child at every stage of their life. From their very first steps to their first day of school.
You helped them pick which subjects to study, you taught them to drive, you probably even helped them open their first bank account.
We have one more thing to add…
Help your child get their super organised from the start.
Right now, you are the only person who both cares about them, and understands that super can make a significant difference to their life.

You’re not just their parent, you’re their #1 financial guide!

Help your child get their super organised from the start.

More questions - we’re here to help

I’m Taylor from the support team at Student Super. Our team can answer any questions you have. Chat with us online or send us an email at hello@studentsuper.com.au.