University students

Superannuation built for students
Student Super has zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.
See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.

Get ahead with student-friendly fees

Many students work part-time or casual jobs, earning small amounts of super, only to have it eroded by fees.
Student Super is designed to protect early super balances with:
  • Zero admin fees for balances under $1,000
  • No automatic life insurance – to keep your fees low
  • Loyalty discount program when your balance reaches $1,000. See our loyalty discount page for more information.

We believe in transparent fees.

You can see a breakdown of our fees on one page – our fees and discounts page.

Find old and lost super funds

Join us today and we can help you find your other super accounts and lost super money for free. If you choose, we can help you transfer them into your Student Super account.
Combining your super accounts can help you:
  • Save money by avoiding duplicate fees
  • Keep all your super in one place
  • Easily manage your super
It’s important to consider the impact of any loss of insurance cover or other benefits before closing any super fund accounts you may have.

It's easy to keep your super organised

  • Our 'Find or combine my super' feature can find any lost, active and inactive super accounts and help you combine them.
  • Keep track of what's happening with your money, with transparent reporting.
  • Send a pre-filled form with all the details your employer needs to pay you super.

See us on campus!

Helping students learn about super­annuation

Many uni students experience problems with superannuation due to:
  • aA lack of knowledge
  • bDuplicate accounts
  • cFees eating low balances
  • dIssues with choosing their own super fund
What's Wrong With Super

Student Super makes super­annuation simple

  • We help our members understand superannuation with our learning hub full of information.
  • We can help you transfer all your existing or old super accounts without you having to contact the old funds.
  • We can help you find and combine all your old and lost super accounts.
  • Zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.
  • We have a loyalty discount program that starts when your balance reaches $1,000.
  • We have a pre-filled superannuation nomination form to give to your employer on your first day.

Grows up when you graduate

When you graduate your Student Super account can come with you.
Student Super changes name to Professional Super.
You'll still get the same fee discounts, but with educational benefits that are better tailored to young professionals.

I was looking for a superfund that didn't eat up my balance in fees. Student Super was the answer! The sign up process was a cinch, and they have an app that's super easy to use as well. Highly recommend!
Helen N
University of Sydney
I finally got my superannuation sorted out, so glad I found Student Super! I've had a number of different jobs all linked to different super funds, these guys made it so easy to transfer all funds into the one Student Super account.
Harrison G
Macquarie University

Join other Australian students that are saving with zero admin fees for balances under $1,000.

See our Fees & discounts page or PDS for details.