What happens when you graduate?

You won't be a student forever...

Things that you found useful as a student may no longer be relevant once you’re a professional.
That’s why Student Super changes name to Professional Super. While Student Super has educational benefits that are tailored to students, Professional Super has content that’s better tailored to young professionals. You’re still in the same fund and your member number stays the same.

How do I change from student to professional?

Simply download the Professional Super app or log in to Professional Super. Your account will then automatically change to “professional”.
Your login details are the same as the ones you used for Student Super.

Do I have to create a new account?

No, you’ll still have the same account. All your details will be saved and your money will still be in your account.

Am a joining a new fund?

No, you’re still in the same fund. The brand name has just changed from Student Super to Professional Super.

What will happen to my fees?

Your fees will stay the same. You will only pay fees for one account.
If your balance is below $1,000 your account will remain fee free. If your balance is between $1,000 and $4,999 you’ll receive a 50% discount to the weekly administration fee.
Other fees and costs apply – see Section 6 Fees and Costs of our PDS.

What will happen to my money?

Your balance will remain invested in the same investment option.
If your balance is below $1,500 your account will be invested in our Cash investment option. When your balance is between $1,500 and $4,999 your account will be invested in our Growth investment option.
When your balance is above $5,000 you can choose to invest in the Balanced, Growth or the High Growth investment option. If you don’t choose, you will stay in the Growth investment option.
For more information about our investment options refer to Section 4 of our Reference Guide.

I haven’t graduated, but I’ve started full-time work, can I swap to Professional Super?

Yes! If you feel that Professional Super better suits where you’re at, and you find that the student content is no longer relevant, you are most welcome to change to Professional Super.

What happens if I start studying again?

If you become a student again you can choose to move back to Student Super or stay with Professional Super.
Your account details will always remain the same and you will always be in the same fund.