Four ways to tell your employer about your super account

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If you have just joined Student Super or started a new job, it’s important to tell your employer about your Student Super account. This means you can check how much super is being paid and know it’s going to the right account.
Here’s four ways you can tell your boss or your employer’s payroll department about your super fund.

1. Use Student Super’s ‘Tell my employer’ feature

This is the quickest way and doesn’t require a printer. Log into your Student Super account and go to ‘Tell my employer’.
This feature allows you to email your employer or employers (if you are working multiple jobs) directly your pre-filled Student Super form and letter of compliance.
The email will have everything they need to pay your super into Student Super. That’s it!

2. Hand in the pre-filled super form

If your employer prefers a hardcopy of your super forms, log into your Student Super account and go ‘Tell my employer’.
There are two options –
  • aDownload the Student Super designed version or
  • bDownload the ATO standard choice form version
Both are pre-filled, but the ATO version will need your Tax File Number and a signature.
If your employer has given you the ATO version of the form, you can use our guide on how to complete it.

3. Employer’s HR/payroll software

Some companies use HR onboarding, accounting or payroll software, where you need to add your personal payroll information such as your tax, bank, and super details.
You might be asked to add your super details directly into the platform.
Before you do this, log into your Student Super account and go ‘Tell my employer’ to download the pre-filled form. This will have all the information such as your member number, fund name and USI, that you’ll need to provide to your employer.

4. Use myGov

This method is ideal if you are starting a new job and want to be prepared on your first day by bringing all your details with you. Or if you need help locating other details such as your TFN. It works best if you’ve had a job before as the ATO has all your previous information.
1. Log into your myGov account and select the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) service. If this doesn’t appear, you may need to connect this service to your myGov account.
2. Under the ATO service, go to Employment, then New Employment in the menu.
3. To start, you’ll be asked to add your new company’s ABN. You could find this on your employment contract or the company website. If you’re unsure, ask your new employer.
4. Then review your Tax withholding details and Medicare levy variation.
5. Next up will be your Super fund choice details.
You’ll see your super fund/s listed here. If you are a Student Super member, you’ll see Professional Super / Student Super / Engineering Super listed here. Choose this one.
If you are a member but only recently joined the fund, the ATO may not have updated their details (they do this annually), so you might not be able to see your account. The best method in this case is to use the ‘Tell my employer’ feature.
6. Finalise your details and save a copy.
The summary will prefill all the personal details you’ve just reviewed. You’ll need to give your employer your bank details separately. Then, your employer should have everything they need to pay you!
Tip! If you are updating your super with an existing employer, it’s a good idea to check your next payslip to make sure it has Professional Super / Student Super / Engineering Super under the superannuation section. If it still has your old super fund, double check with your employer that they have updated your records.

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